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 Back home..Tired as fuck..

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Back home..Tired as fuck.. Empty
PostSubject: Back home..Tired as fuck..   Back home..Tired as fuck.. Icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 11:58 pm

Kara nodded, grabbing his shirt as she helped him balance her in his arms. Her eyes struggling to stay open, looking at Kitty and Storm who entered the room, worn out from them fighting.

Kara, Logan, Kitty and Storm made sure everything was alright, and no one was watching them. They checked up on each other before they walked back to the mansion..

Not prepared to see a winged girl run out of the mansion with Superman.

Shayera stopped, looking out the right window, running out of the door fast when she saw Kara, "KARA!" She yelled, running to the man holding her. She looked up at the man..

That must be Logan.. She thought, not giving him any look, before she looked at Kara, "My god, who the hell did you fight with?"

Kara's eyes had opened fast, "Shayera! W-WHAT?!" She manged to yell out weakly, looking up at the red hair, green eyed woman.

Shayera sighed, seeing how tired Kara was, "We'll meet up later, you and your friends need to be treated and head for a nap.."
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Back home..Tired as fuck..
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